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A combination of the front squat and push press into a single, explosive movement. The bar begins in the front rack position, with the feet in a squat stance, slightly wider than hip width apart. The athlete performs a front squat, keeping the elbows high, from the bottom of the squat the athlete accelerates up explosively.
As the athlete reaches full extension the bar leaves the shoulders and is pressed overhead with no rebend of the knees. At the top position the bar should be behind the neck with the head through and arms fully locked out.


A full body compound movement, the thruster is dynamic and tests cardiovascular fitness as well as strength, mobility and core strength.


This movement is a CrossFit staple and will pop up in all sorts of wods, the most famous being FRAN. It is often coupled with pullups or rowing and is a great test of fitness.


Squat clean thruster and kettlebell thruster.

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