Why CrossFit Worksop?

CrossFit Worksop is the largest functional training gym in the North Nottinghamshire area. Our members come from Worksop, Retford and as far a field as Lincoln and Nottingham to participate in our workouts and classes.

Our facility is designed around this philosophy, so we have no traditional fixed weights or cardio machines, instead these have been replaced by Pull Up Rigs, Climbing Ropes, Kettle Bells, Plyometric Boxes, Gymnastic Rings, Wall Balls and Olympic Bars and Bumper Plates.

Coaching, Community & Results
Is your exercise routine lacking inspiration? Are results harder to come by? At CrossFit Worksop, our team guides and coaches each member through a safe, fun and highly effective workout. Just walk through our warehouse door and let us handle it from there.

Thrive in a culture where superior coaching is the number one priority.
When you participate in a CrossFit workout, our coaches are always on hand to ensure that you are performing the movements safely, effectively and as efficiently as possible, excellence in coaching is what drives and motivates us. The community spirit during the workouts is another factor making CrossFit unique, we all train together; regardless of ability and we all cheer each other home. We have a phrase in CrossFit that sums up the community spirit, 'When one of us gets wet, we all get wet'. The CrossFit methodology, quality of the coaching and the careful planning and active participation in classes leaves nothing to chance, results are guaranteed!

Enjoy tremendous value.
In addition to daily CrossFit classes, membership at CrossFit Worksop includes access to 'open gym' facilities and a myriad of specialty classes. Check out our gym and programs by getting started HERE.

Our Coaches

Richard Callaghan

Rich is a Level 1 Certified CrossFit Coach and a certified personal trainer.
  Rich is a highly motivated, results driven coach who also believes in a positive and encouraging environment for training.

Emma Tomlinson

Emma is a Level 1 Certified CrossFit trainer and personal trainer. Emma loves the Olympic Weightlifting movements and can regularly be found testing her limits on the snatch and clean and jerk. Emma also loves to compete and takes every opportunity to step outside her comfort zone and challenge herself on the biggest stages.

Glynn Davies

Glynn is a certified CrossFit Level 1 Trainer, CrossFit Mobility Trainer and British Weightlifting Level 2 Certified. Glynn has a passion for weightlifting and gymnastics. He has expanded his knowledge in the field by attending seminars by Dmitri Klokov, Jon North and the Outlaw Way's Rudy Nielsen. 

Jill McIntyre

Jill is a certified CrossFit Level 1 Trainer, a certified Personal Trainer and a keen CrossFit competitor. Jill has a passion for coaching and personal training and has many years experience in the fitness industry.

Garry Gardner

Garry is a certified CrossFit Level 1 Trainer and a British Weightlifting Level 1 Coach. As well as weightlifting Garry has a passion for gymnastics and when he's not coaching he can usually be found upside down on the rig or on the parallel bars.