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Strict Press


The strict press begins with the feet facing forward or slightly toed out underneath the hips and the bar in the front or jerk rack position.
From this starting position the bar is pushed, without movement/help from any of the lower body, straight overhead ensuring the head is moved back out of the way to clear a straight path for the bar.
The finish position is met when the bar is locked out above the head in front of the ears (eg: the head is through and from a side on position the ears are clearly visible in front of the bar and not inline or behind).


It is a simple movement to build upper body strength.


This is a relatively rare movement to see in wods as it tends to be light and hard to enforce standards (eg: people default to using the lower body to help drive the bar). However it’s far more common during the strength sessions where standards can be closely watched.


Strict press can also be performed from behind the neck or in a snatch grip or from the bottom of a front squat.

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