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The set up for the deadlift is basically the same as the clean, it is important that the bar is close to the body and that the athlete feels tension through their glutes and hamstrings and not through their quads and lower back. A cue to help remember this is to push your knees back so the shin is vertical to the bar and not over the bar. The head should be neutral to the torso meaning the gaze should be a few feet in front and on the ground, not gazing up and ahead.
The athlete begins the deadlift by driving the feet into the floor, their weight should be slightly back and into the heels as the bar leaves the floor and the back angle should not change (ie: don’t yank the bar from the floor, or drive just the legs and hips up leaving the torso behind). Once the bar has passed the knees the athlete can use their glutes to engage and drive the bar upward- squeezing the glutes as the knees and hips achieve extension. The movement is complete when the athlete is standing with the bar in the hang, knees, hips and ankles inline and the shoulders behind the bar.


A strength development exercise especially for the glutes and hamstrings. This also can aid the athlete in developing a stronger pull from the floor for their cleans and snatches as it is far heavier than they will ever lift in those two moves.


The deadlift is programmed in workouts, however the athlete will not be able to lift heavy in workouts until they can demonstrate proper form and control. As the deadlift is a heavy lift with relatively easy movement patterns form can be easily ignored in favour of fast reps- causing lower back injuries and pain. Therefore it is essential that the athlete can maintain a tight core and perform the reps without pulling through the spine. It is more often used in the strength phase where the reps are slower and the coach is able to fix any errors in movement.


Deadlift varitations include pause deadlifts and snatch grip deadlifts. Deadlifts can also be performed with kettle bells.

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