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Moderate to Heavy Overhead Squat Technique

If the weight is too heavy to snatch in workout conditions, e.g. 80-90% of an athlete's 1RM, then you normal procedure would be to clean the bar, move it from the shoulders to the traps before re-gripping wider and finally power jerking it before starting the overhead squats. This is time consuming and includes too many steps for it to be efficient.

The alternative is a squat jerk but the margin for error is really small when lowering dynamically under fatigue. The first thing to go when you're tired is your accuracy, so we consider this too risky.

Our proposed technique is a safe, lower risk alternative.

The Method

Firstly take a slightly wider grip for the clean than you normally would, a grip that will allow you to clean it and rack it comfortably but also wide enough so you can overhead squat it. This would be a different position for each athlete and would mainly depend on your shoulder mobility. So experiment with lighter weight and work on using a narrower grip when you overhead squat.

Then clean and power jerk it overhead, try not to stop at the shoulders. 

Once you caught the jerk pause for a second to establish your balance before starting the overhead squat.

When you power jerk be sure to land your feet in your overhead squat position without any adjustments.

If you need to move your hands over between your clean and your power jerk then this is possible but something that would require more practice.

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