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Kettlebell swing


The kettlebell is picked up from the floor by the athlete with a flat back much like a deadlift, all the fingers need to be inside the handle of the bell. Once the athlete has fully stood up with the kettlebell inside the legs, the swing is initiated by allowing the kettlebell to swing in between the legs.
As momentum is gained the hips and knees are extended aggressively to force the bell forward through the legs and up and over the head. At the top of the moment the arms are extended overhead with the ears clearly visible from the side view and the “head through”. On the way down the athlete maintains a tall chest, not allowing the kettlebell to drag them over, head and chest stay up.


Kettlebells can be used for a variety of different workouts in CrossFit. They test grip and core strength. Often for high numbers and most commonly the American swing (all the way above the head) is used. However Russian swings (to chin height) can also be used and can be far heavier than the American swing.


The kettlebell is a very diverse piece of kit, variations of the kettlebell movements include the Russian swing, kettlebell snatches, farmers carries, goblet squats, kettlebell push ups, kettlebell overhead squats and kettlebell clean and jerks and thrusters.

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