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Front rack/overhead lunge


For the front rack lunge the barbell starts as it would for a front squat. It is key that elbows must remain high and core engaged as you step one leg forward as you would for a split jerk (or slightly further). You must step far enough that the front shin remains vertical at the bottom of the lunge and not in front of the toes. Keeping your torso and elbows high, the front knee bends until it makes contact with the floor (do not crash into the floor, this is a controlled movement), at this point the athlete quickly pushes the front foot back to the starting position. The other leg then goes through the same movement.
During the lunge the back foot does not leave the floor, it stays firmly planted. The athlete does not pause or stop with their knee on the floor, and the athlete must stand fully and bring both feet back together before they can drop the bar and complete the rep.
The overhead lunge has the same range of movement through the legs, also requiring the knee to contact the floor. However for this movement the barbell is overhead, either in a snatch grip or a jerk grip depending on the weight and athletes mobility.


This is a basic unilateral leg strength exercise that can help with imbalances or weak split positions in the jerk. It tests individual leg strength and can challenge and help to develop the glutes and quads.


This movement is occasionally used during wods, sometime with a kettlebell instead of a barbell. It can be used the the form of a walking lunge for distance or alternate leg on the spot lunge for reps.


Kettlebell lunge, walking lunge, zercher carry lunge.

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