Meet the Athletes

One of, if not, the most driven and motivated athletes I have ever met. Lynsay is the definition of pocket rocket; explosive, focused and determined.

When Lyns first came to us at Crossfit Worksop she came with a fire in her belly, a year later and the fire is still there but the belly is significantly bigger.
However being a mum-to-be hasn’t stopped Lynsay from consistently turning up and impressing the coaches and other members with her positive attitude and ability to adapt.

One of the things I love most about Lyns is the look on her face when the going gets tough, although it hasn’t been on display as much recently- as her intensity has had to be tempered while training pregnant. When 99% of others would drop the bar and have a rest Lyns has always dug deep, gritted her teeth and held on.
She is determined to learn, to shift heavy weight and to get the best out of her body every training session.

Lynsay has attacked her weaknesses as well as embracing her strengths.
She is petite and strong and has always taken a shining to gymnastics, quickly moving off banded pull ups and flying through both strict and kipping pull-ups. She is also confident upside down on her hands and had no problems with handstand push ups and learning how to handstand walk. I’ve no doubt that once the baby is born she will want to get upside down again as soon as possible.
She also is a whiz on the rope climb with bragging rights to a legless rope climb that is potentially better than her normal rope climb!
While her confidence and willingness to try anything in gymnastics is both respected and admired, it is the time she dedicates to her weaknesses that impresses me most.

Lynsay has always worked hard, she has done weightlifting sessions to improve her lifting technique, she has worked on her mobility to improve her squat and overhead mobility and she doesn’t shy away from trying to increase her strength.
It is fairly common to find the smaller, faster, more gymnastically inclined ladies (and sometimes men) sticking to the lighter weights, allowing them to move quickly through the workouts, often finishing first. This has never been Lynsay (even now whilst pregnant we have to remind her to lighten the weights and decrease some of her range of motion), she has always tried to put a weight on her bar that is challenging, if it slowed her down she would simply push harder in the other components to make up for time lost.

Lynsay’s training, since becoming pregnant, has only differed by intensity. She keeps tabs on her heart rate, lightens her weights, adjusts the range of motion on burpees and squats and finds alternatives for movements as needed (eg: sit ups are now a no-no).

This year Lynsay even travelled down to Black Pool Sands and camped for three nights to watch and cheer on the Crossfit Worksop tribal team while they competed.
She brought her own porta-loo and was there supporting her team, she made an awesome cup of tea and stayed up late making sure no one got themselves in trouble.
Lynsay wants to be on the 2017 tribal team and I have no doubt she will be, that just goes without saying due to her positive, driven and determined mind set- I can’t wait to see it.

Lynsay is an inspiration for everyone around her and we are so lucky to have her as a member of Crossfit Worksop!

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Troy, or "Troyster" as Glynn calls him is a ground maintenance and forestry worker on the Welbeck Estate.

During his 19 years Troy has done many different sports. He played a lot of football when he was younger and also played tennis which then became table tennis. He tried his hand at archery for a couple of years and also tried fencing for a year.
When Troy stopped playing football he changed to playing a lot of rugby (which many people, including Nick Kay, Paul Derrick and Arran Riley will agree is a much better sport), he played for Dinnington and also played for Newark. Troy believes that he is very good at skiing “even though I broke my wrist” and he can also snow board.

His sporting achievements prior to CrossFit were try outs for county in rugby, cycling coast to coast for bluebell wood children’s hospice and a Gold star skiing award.

When asked why he does CrossFit Troy said that he “loves how varied CrossFit is, every wod is different and it makes me want to achieve every time I go to the gym.”

His favourite memory of CrossFit so far was finishing a workout within the time allocated that included 40 back squats at 100kg and a two mile run.
While no one doubts Troy’s running abilities the reason this workout was a mile stone for him and a incredibly motivational feat of willpower and strength to those around him, is that Troy’s maximum back squat at the time was not much over 100kg, and he only weighs about 70kgs.
Each one of those back squats took maximum effort, patience and perfect form. Instead of being concerned with being the fastest Troy focused on trying to achieve something he could be proud of.

Troy’s favourite movement is ring muscle ups and his favourite moment was his first ever ring muscle up and meeting Mark Felix when he came to visit for a Strong Man day.

He doesn’t have a “worst movement” but his worst moment was when he broke his wrist on a skiing holiday and couldn’t do CrossFit for two months.

Troy is big into superheroes and reads quite a lot of comics, mainly batman. He also loves watching superhero movies and has lost count of how many times he has watched the Avengers. He loves fantasy movies and sci-fi and plays quite a few games including Halo.

Troy’s favourite food is a really good burger and he hopes eating more of them will help him achieve his biggest fitness goal of a 100kg clean.

Troy would like to visit America and his aim is to save enough money to visit there for a month in a couple of years.

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Im a Clinical Lead Mental Health Nurse in Lincoln and Ive been a nurse 3 and a half years.

Since working with individuals with autism, I've always loved working with people and now I'm able to train staff about Parkinson's and Dementia so I've always loved a bit of variety to my work. I also have a degree in Psychology and Sociology.

Outside of work I enjoy scuba diving with my husband and will always remember diving in the ocean for the first time in the Maldives for my honeymoon. Scary but amazing!

I enjoy going for walks with my parents and their two mini schnauzers, going to the cinema or reading and listening to music and seeing friends.

I was nervous to join Crossfit at first because I'm never good at trying something out of my comfort zone, but my sister insisted that i try it. She was adamant i would love it and she was right!

I never quite expected to have quite as many areas of mobility to work on but now i can stretch effectively and actually squat compared to the skills sessions in the beginning when it was so alien to me, so its a great achievement for me now.

Im still working on double unders and would love to do unbanded pull ups in a wod but pushing myself to learn and get stronger is part of the fun.

I remember getting my first RX workout using 16kg kettle bell swings for the first time and i was so pleased at my progress after just a few months. A year on, I look back now and can't believe how far I have come on.

  • My favourite movements are kettle bell swings, power cleans and back squats.
  • My least favourites are overhead squats, snatches and wallballs, and oh god...burpees!!

My fitness goals are to tone up and loose a bit of weight (try and eat cleaner, although I have a real sweet tooth!) increase my strength, improve my flexibility and cardio fitness.

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I'm sure Abbie would admit that when she was first introduced to CrossFit by her friend Abbie Smith she wasn't quite sure it was for her. I remember doing pull-ups with her for the first time and she said it 'really hurt her hands', which is true, it does.

But since then you'd be amazed not to be impressed by Abbie

Abbie, or Abbs, is a family support worker.
She comes from a sporting background of gymnastics, dance and netball. She is very flexible and has amazing range of motion in her squat.

She chooses to do CrossFit because it motivates her to push herself more than she ever thought she could and she loves that it makes exercise fun and enjoyable.
Abbie’s favourite movements are running and back squats, but she doesn’t like wallballs, rowing or snatching.

During her time at CrossFit Worksop Abbie has done some tough workouts, but she says her favourite one was the weighted run/burpee test. This workout was a test of mental as well as physical strength, with a 60 minute time cap and 8kms worth of running in it. Abbie says she enjoyed going at her own pace and surprised herself by finishing the workout within the time cap- which many people were unable to do. She left the gym dripping in sweat, knowing she had worked hard.

CrossFit is not just individual and although she is not the loudest person in the box Abbie enjoys working in a team. Her best memory of CrossFit so far was a Saturday team wod where she worked with Leila and her best friend Abbie S. They worked hard and beat the boys team in the main wod by seconds, Abbie just managing to move the bar a little bit faster than Marcus despite Marcus getting to the bar first. It all came down to a tie-breaker wod and Abbie says she doesn’t think she has ever worked so hard under pressure with her team to try and beat the boys. Unfortunately the boys were just a bit faster than the girls- but with such a close finish the girls went home very proud of themselves.

Outside of CrossFit Abbie enjoys going on holidays (she wants the visit Australia the most), running, going to festivals and out with friends. She has a pet dog called Stitch and loves lasagne.

Her fitness goals are to lose a bit of weight, improve her fitness, get stronger and tone up. And her role model is Emily Skye for her ab workout videos and amazing figure.

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