Meet the Athletes

Anna Baker-Merrills

Im a Clinical Lead Mental Health Nurse in Lincoln and Ive been a nurse 3 and a half years.

Since working with individuals with autism, I've always loved working with people and now I'm able to train staff about Parkinson's and Dementia so I've always loved a bit of variety to my work. I also have a degree in Psychology and Sociology.

Outside of work I enjoy scuba diving with my husband and will always remember diving in the ocean for the first time in the Maldives for my honeymoon. Scary but amazing!

I enjoy going for walks with my parents and their two mini schnauzers, going to the cinema or reading and listening to music and seeing friends.

I was nervous to join Crossfit at first because I'm never good at trying something out of my comfort zone, but my sister insisted that i try it. She was adamant i would love it and she was right!

I never quite expected to have quite as many areas of mobility to work on but now i can stretch effectively and actually squat compared to the skills sessions in the beginning when it was so alien to me, so its a great achievement for me now.

Im still working on double unders and would love to do unbanded pull ups in a wod but pushing myself to learn and get stronger is part of the fun.

I remember getting my first RX workout using 16kg kettle bell swings for the first time and i was so pleased at my progress after just a few months. A year on, I look back now and can't believe how far I have come on.

  • My favourite movements are kettle bell swings, power cleans and back squats.
  • My least favourites are overhead squats, snatches and wallballs, and oh god...burpees!!

My fitness goals are to tone up and loose a bit of weight (try and eat cleaner, although I have a real sweet tooth!) increase my strength, improve my flexibility and cardio fitness.

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