Meet the Athletes

Troy Booth

Troy, or "Troyster" as Glynn calls him is a ground maintenance and forestry worker on the Welbeck Estate.

During his 19 years Troy has done many different sports. He played a lot of football when he was younger and also played tennis which then became table tennis. He tried his hand at archery for a couple of years and also tried fencing for a year.
When Troy stopped playing football he changed to playing a lot of rugby (which many people, including Nick Kay, Paul Derrick and Arran Riley will agree is a much better sport), he played for Dinnington and also played for Newark. Troy believes that he is very good at skiing “even though I broke my wrist” and he can also snow board.

His sporting achievements prior to CrossFit were try outs for county in rugby, cycling coast to coast for bluebell wood children’s hospice and a Gold star skiing award.

When asked why he does CrossFit Troy said that he “loves how varied CrossFit is, every wod is different and it makes me want to achieve every time I go to the gym.”

His favourite memory of CrossFit so far was finishing a workout within the time allocated that included 40 back squats at 100kg and a two mile run.
While no one doubts Troy’s running abilities the reason this workout was a mile stone for him and a incredibly motivational feat of willpower and strength to those around him, is that Troy’s maximum back squat at the time was not much over 100kg, and he only weighs about 70kgs.
Each one of those back squats took maximum effort, patience and perfect form. Instead of being concerned with being the fastest Troy focused on trying to achieve something he could be proud of.

Troy’s favourite movement is ring muscle ups and his favourite moment was his first ever ring muscle up and meeting Mark Felix when he came to visit for a Strong Man day.

He doesn’t have a “worst movement” but his worst moment was when he broke his wrist on a skiing holiday and couldn’t do CrossFit for two months.

Troy is big into superheroes and reads quite a lot of comics, mainly batman. He also loves watching superhero movies and has lost count of how many times he has watched the Avengers. He loves fantasy movies and sci-fi and plays quite a few games including Halo.

Troy’s favourite food is a really good burger and he hopes eating more of them will help him achieve his biggest fitness goal of a 100kg clean.

Troy would like to visit America and his aim is to save enough money to visit there for a month in a couple of years.

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