Meet the Athletes

Abbie Newbold

I'm sure Abbie would admit that when she was first introduced to CrossFit by her friend Abbie Smith she wasn't quite sure it was for her. I remember doing pull-ups with her for the first time and she said it 'really hurt her hands', which is true, it does.

But since then you'd be amazed not to be impressed by Abbie

Abbie, or Abbs, is a family support worker.
She comes from a sporting background of gymnastics, dance and netball. She is very flexible and has amazing range of motion in her squat.

She chooses to do CrossFit because it motivates her to push herself more than she ever thought she could and she loves that it makes exercise fun and enjoyable.
Abbie’s favourite movements are running and back squats, but she doesn’t like wallballs, rowing or snatching.

During her time at CrossFit Worksop Abbie has done some tough workouts, but she says her favourite one was the weighted run/burpee test. This workout was a test of mental as well as physical strength, with a 60 minute time cap and 8kms worth of running in it. Abbie says she enjoyed going at her own pace and surprised herself by finishing the workout within the time cap- which many people were unable to do. She left the gym dripping in sweat, knowing she had worked hard.

CrossFit is not just individual and although she is not the loudest person in the box Abbie enjoys working in a team. Her best memory of CrossFit so far was a Saturday team wod where she worked with Leila and her best friend Abbie S. They worked hard and beat the boys team in the main wod by seconds, Abbie just managing to move the bar a little bit faster than Marcus despite Marcus getting to the bar first. It all came down to a tie-breaker wod and Abbie says she doesn’t think she has ever worked so hard under pressure with her team to try and beat the boys. Unfortunately the boys were just a bit faster than the girls- but with such a close finish the girls went home very proud of themselves.

Outside of CrossFit Abbie enjoys going on holidays (she wants the visit Australia the most), running, going to festivals and out with friends. She has a pet dog called Stitch and loves lasagne.

Her fitness goals are to lose a bit of weight, improve her fitness, get stronger and tone up. And her role model is Emily Skye for her ab workout videos and amazing figure.

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