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CrossFit Intro Class

Along side our prep course we now offer a CrossFit Intro class. Read more...

CrossFit Worksop - Redefining Fitness

CrossFit Worksop is the largest functional training gym in the North Nottinghamshire area. Our members come from Worksop, Retford and as far a field as Lincoln and Nottingham to participate in our workouts and classes.

'Functional' means training that incorporates only natural movements, movements such as lifting, jumping and throwing. In our gym you'll never see a dumb bell flat flye or a dumb bell arm curl as we consider these movements to be 'un-natural' and of little use in every day life.

Our facility is designed around this philosophy, so we have no traditional fixed weights or cardio machines, instead these have been replaced by Pull Up Rigs, Climbing Ropes,  Kettle Bells, Plyometric Boxes, Gymnastic Rings, Wall Balls and Olympic Bars and Bumper Plates.

The exercises in CrossFit have been carefully chosen to improve all aspects of your general physical preparation, improving both body and mind. Some improve cardio and metabolic conditioning while others increase power, strength, flexibility and coordination. All are combined in our carefully planned workouts to give you the best opportunity to improve your overall fitness.

Coaching, Community & Results

As part of the CrossFit programme we take an active involvement in every one of our members health and well-being. Workout routines are adapted and scaled so that can be completed by anyone, from fitness novice to advanced athlete. This is at odds with traditional gyms where your membership grants you access to the facility but offers no guarantee of results.

When you participate in a CrossFit workout, our coaches are always on hand to ensure that you are performing the movements safely, effectively and as efficiently as possible, excellence in coaching is what drives and motivates us.  The community spirit during the workouts is another factor making CrossFit unique, we all train together; regardless of ability and we all cheer each other home. We have a phrase in CrossFit that sums up the community spirit,  'When one of us gets wet, we all get wet'. The CrossFit methodology, quality of the coaching and the careful planning and active participation in classes leaves nothing to chance,results are guaranteed!.

Our CrossFit workouts generally run hourly, starting from 7:00 am and finishing at 10:30 am for those that like to train before work and then they restart again in the evenings from 5:00 pm for the after work trainers. During the day we normally have 'Open Gym' sessions where the gym is available for our members to practice their CrossFit skills. Full details of the current schedule can be found here.


Athlete of the Month

February 2014 - Leano Kaponas


Leano has gone through a huge transformation since joning the box. It was only a matter of time before he won athlete of the month, well done Leano!


Box News

Sep 10

Members can now book in for WODs and other classes with our new mobile-friendly booking system.

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