We offer two different training 'tracks' that are designed to cater for the diffrent needs of our members.


Our Hybrid track sticks to the fundamentals of strength of conditioning. We have seperate days for body building, functional movement, strength training and energy system development (cardio). It's ia complete fitness programme that is guaranteed to build strength, improve fitness and your ability to move heavy loads safely and effectively. The programme is available to anyone, regardless of training experience. To get started request a 30 day trial month.



CrossFit is a strength and conditioning programme that incorporates high skilled Olympic Weightlifting movements and gymnastics. Every day is a different workout which includes a strength or skll component plus a high intensity workout. All our CrossFit athletes have leanrt the basics of the movements as part of our induction (prep course) or have completed a course at another CrossFit gym. To get started with CrossFit and organise your induction then send us a message.