Meet the Coaches

CrossFit Worksop Coach Glynn Davies

Glynn Davies

Glynn is the box owner, a CrossFit Level 2 trainer and British Weightlifting Level 2 certified coach..
As one of the founders he has been CrossFitting for 9 years and an active coach for 8. 
Glynn has a passion for the Olympic lifts and has broadened his knowlegde by participating in seminars by the Russian weighlifter Dmitri Klokov and the American legend Jon North..
One of his highlights from the last 9 years has been meeting and getting to know Jon North personally when he conducted a seminar at the gym in 2014. They've continued to stay in touch and Jon hopes to visit the UK and the gym soon. 
Qualifications: CF-L1, CF-L2, BWL-L1, BWL-L2, CF-Weightlifting
CrossFit Worksop Coach Emma Tomlinson

Emma Tomlinson

Emma is a CrossFit Level 1 and CrossFit Kids certified trainer..
She is a keen competitor and has competed at a high standard both locally and regionally. 
Her favourite movements are handstand push ups and the Olympic weightlifting snatch and clean and jerk..
She has been a member of multiple Tribal Clash teams both in Portugal and our most recent success in the UK event where Emma finally realised her goal of reaching the quarter finals and winning the tug of war event. 
Qualifications: CF-L1, CF-Kids
CrossFit Worksop Coach Garry Gardner


Garry is a CrossFit Level 1 and British Weightlifting Level 1 certified trainer..
He is one of the founding members at the gym and made the step up to coach in 2016. 
He is a keen weightlifter and also loves the challenge of strict gymnastics..
Garry has loved competing since he found CrossFit and has represented the gym both in team and pairs events. 
His favourite movements are Handstand Push Ups, Snatch and Ring Muscle Ups.
Qualifications: CF-L1, BWL-L1
CrossFit Worksop Coach Richard Callaghan


Rich is a certfied CrossFit Level 2 trainer and a qualified personal trainer.
Rich has bags of experience and has been CrossFitting for 8 years and coaching at the gym for 5. 
He is a good all-rounder and has represented the gym at Tribal Clash both in Portugal and the UK.
As well as CrossFit, Rich has a passion for the martial arts and is currently practicing Defence Lab (DL) and hopes to be coaching it by the end of 2021.
Certifications: CF-L1, CF-L2, PT-L3,
CrossFit Worksop Coach Jill McIntyre

Jill McIntyre

Jill is an enthusiastic coach and keen competitor. She has many years experience in the fitness industry as a qualified personal trainer.
She is certified as a  CrossFit Level 2 trainer and heads up our F30 programme. 
Her favourite movements are wall balls and rowing and enjoys practicing all things handstands.
She also loves to volunteer as a judge at competitions and has been part of the team at recent events such as Strength in Depth and Tribal Clash.
Her claim to fame is that she once met and was significantly taller than the current CrossFit Games Mens Champion Mat Fraser.
Certifications: CF-L1, CF-L2, PT-L3, CF-Lesson Planning, CF-Running, CF-Scaling, CF-Spot the Flaw, Precision Nutrition L1