The crazy season is upon us where most of the world make a resolution to get fit. Most will fail and won't even see the end of January, after all it is hard. Here are some of the reasons we've heard people use when they skip class.

  1. Had a terrible day at work.
  2. I'm sore from another workout.
  3. I hate running.
  4. Got plans later.
  5. The workout has overhead squats in it.
  6. I tweaked my knee.
  7. Had a heavy night last night.
  8. The workout is too long.
  9. There's something I want to watch on telly.
  10. I need wine.
  11. The snooze button felt too good.
  12. It’s too hot.
  13. It’s too cold.
  14. There’s snatches in the workout.
  15. I didn’t leave work early enough.
  16. I procrastinated on a work project.
  17. The workout looks hard.
  18. I tweaked my elbow.
  19. The workout doesn’t look like “a good one.”
  20. I’ve got a “work thing.”
  21. There’s just too much going on right now.
  22. I didn’t sleep well last night.
  23. I'm on holiday.
  24. I'm just trying to get back into it.
  25. Don't like the heavy weights.
  26. I just want to lift heavy weights not do cardio.
  27. My training buddy isn’t going.
  28. I've not been for a bit and I don’t want to be embarrassed.
  29. The movements in the workout look too difficult for me.
  30. The movements in the workout are the same as the last workout.
  31. I'm not liking the current programming.
  32. Peer pressure.
  33. It’s my birthday!
  34. There’s this big project on at work.
  35. Tinder is calling.
  36. I'm tired of the coach calling me out.
  37. I can’t RX the workout.
  38. I was sore for three days after I did a similiar workout.
  39. I don’t want to get bulky.
  40. Running is easier.
  41. It’s raining.
  42. My favorite classmate won’t be there.
  43. There are muscle ups in the workout.
  44. It’s been so long, why would I go now?
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