Mobility / Therapy


No athlete walk has ever walked into the gym with perfect mobility, someone who can pick up the barbell and hit a great bottom position in the snatch. Mostly their limitation is due to motor control issues i.e. not knowing how to do the movement, coupled with some minor muscle tightness.

As CrossFit coaches we're trained to correct the motor control by giving the athlete drills and time to practice. We can also help with muscle tightness by giving guidance on myofascia release techniques and PNF stretching.

But sometimes no matter how hard the athlete practices and how strictly he or she applies their mobility plan they can struggle to fix their dysfunction.

At CrossFit Worksop we have a specialist therapist on site who works with these athletes, helping them to unlock the hidden performance potential.

Through our coaching and programming we aim to minimise the risk of injury but rarely it can happen, it's a hazard of any sport. Getting the correct advice and treatment from trained professionals will speed up your road to recovery and get you back training as soon as possible.

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