Autumn 2019 CrossFit Induction

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CrossFit Induction 8th September 2019
 8th September 2019

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Our CrossFit Induction or On-Ramp is designed for beginners wishing to gain access to our CrossFit programme. It provides a full introduction to CrossFit; the training principles, workout styles, basic conditioning movements, Olympic Weightlifting and fundamental gymnastics.

Once an athlete has succesfully completed the induction course, they then have full access to all CrossFit classes for the remainder of the month to experience CrossFit fully; at no extra cost.

The course is suitable for anyone regardless of age or current fitness level. 


The course is a single day that starts at 10:00 am and finishes at 2:00 pm with a short break for lunch. For the most part participants will be moving around and there will be a workout prior to lunch so appropriate gym clothing is required.


Introduction to CrossFit
The squat and squat variations
Conditioning movements involving the squat
The olympic weightlifting 'clean' and variations
Workout of the Day (WOD)



The olympic weightlifting 'snatch' and accesory exercises
Fundamental gymnastics
Nutrition basics
Closing summary

Any questions regarding the course then please email