Our Partners


Partnerships help us deliver a comprehensive range of sports performance services to our athletes. These services include mobility and recovery therapy, nutrition plans and sports specific performance testing.

Mobility and Sport Therapy

apple health and fitness

Our mobility and therapy aims to provide mobility techniques and advice, diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation. The emphasis is on musculo-skeletal improvements that will increase performance in CrossFit, reduce the risk of injury and speed up the recovery process should an injury occur.

Our partnership with Apple Health and Fitness in Worksop ensures that we give our athletes the best quality advice and treatment from trained professionals.

The therapists offer in-box services which can be booked online here.

Nutrition Planning

lync performance

Detailed nutrition plans can help an athlete with specific goals. If they're training for a competition or trying to change their body composition then a detailed nutrition plan can be provided.

Our partners at Lync Performance offer a free 30 minute consultation so they can better understand the needs of the CrossFit athlete. From here they can provide a nutrition plan based around the fundamental dietary principles of CrossFit to achieve the athletes goals

To book your FREE 30 minute consultation then speak to the coach at box

Sports Performance Testing

For our athletes that are looking to compete in CrossFit at a high level or any other endurance sport then we offer sports performance testing. Measuring and then targeting the improvement of variables such as lactate threshold help an athlete structure their programming.