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Based on a few universal factors, our 101 offering outlines basic nutritional guidance and sets all students up for success and improved body composition. Featuring macronutrient and calorie breakdowns by weight, age, gender and goal, this template includes all the proverbial answers to your nutrition questions.

 Every so-called “expert” has their own opinion when it comes to macros—some of it works, some if it doesn’t. Our nutrition coaches have years of experience working with men and women of various body types and compositions. That’s given us ample time to dial in our recommendations and figure out what works for our clients as they’ve refined their diets and transformed their bodes. That’s how we know it’ll work for you too—as long as you do the work to make sure you adhere to it. So if you’re a curious and self-motivated person looking for a little bit of guidance, this is for you.

COACH: Natalie Whittaker

LOCATION: Highgrounds, Worksop/ Remote


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CrossFit Worksop Nutrition


With a combination of dedicated coaching and real-time accountability, our 202 programme takes a more hands-on approach to your nutrition needs.
After an initial consulations, each student in the program will receive a personalised plan from our nutrition coach. Then to help you stay accountable and on track during your journey, the coach will work with you on a weekly basis to make adjustments to your template where needed and to provide real time advice and support. Armed with a depth of knowledge and a compassionate coaching style, the coach will work with you to achieve the results you’re looking for, and you’ll feel supported and empowered at every step along the way.
So if you’re determined to change your body composition and enjoy having a support structure around you, let us lead the way to your goals. For real. This works!
Note: The program requires a three-month commitment
COACH:Natalie Whittaker
LOCATION: Highgrounds, Worksop / Remote
CrossFit Worksop Nutrition


This 4-week long course is an introduction to the training methodology and sport of Strongman. This is old school, we use kegs, yokes, tyres, atlas stones and a whole lot of fun!
Poorly named, “Strongman” isn’t just for men, nor is it just for the strongest people out there. This course, like our CrossFit, programme is fully scalable. There’s no requisite strength or fitness level to participate. During the 4-week curriculum you will meet twice a week to learn how to flip tires, swing a sledge hammer, lift atlas stones, lift and press kegs, use farmer’s handles, and carry a yoke.
The training is a combination of strength training and metabolic conditioning.
COACH:Glynn Davies
LOCATION: Highgrounds, Worksop
CrossFit Worksop Strongman